Aloe Vera Mixed With Fruits And Vegetables


Found this refreshing Aloe Vera juice drink called ALO Enliven in an organic store. According to ALO website, currently they have five flavors available: ALO Exposed (Original Aloe Vera drink), ALO Awaken (Aloe Vera plus wheatgrass), ALO Enliven (Aloe Vera plus 12 Fruits and Vegetables), ALO Elated (Aloe Vera plus Olive Leaf) and ALO Allure (Aloe Vera plus Mangosteen and Mango). They are coming out two more new flavors in the summer. One is ALO Enrich (Aloe Vera plus Pomegranate and Cranberry) and the other one is ALO Appeal (Aloe Vera plus Pomelo, Pink grapefruit and Lemon).

Upon opening this drink, you will smell the fresh aloe aroma coming out of the bottle but not much of the fruits and vegetables aroma. Initially, you would expect either fruits or vegetables to be the dominate smell, but it’s not the case. As for the first taste, you get to taste the sweet and sour flavor of the drink, but as you drink more and more, you actually start to taste the sweetness of the drink. Also, there’s no taste of vegetables inside the drink, but the sweet taste of fruits. For every sip, you get to bite chucks of aloe in the drink which is a bit too much. The aftertaste is not that horrible and awful compares to other juice drinks. The taste isn’t exactly what is advertised on the bottle and you should definitely shake it well before you start to drink this so called healthy beverage.

For health conscious people, aloe drinks not only contains Vitamin c, Calcium, and Iron, but also minerals and essential amino acids. The drink does not contain preservative, artificial coloring or artificial flavors and it is made from a mixture of 12 fresh fruits and vegetables combine with aloe.  Some of the ingredients are: Celery, Cabbage, Spinach, Lemon, Apple, Carrot, Aloe Vera Juice, etc.  The drink itself is 30 percent juice.

I think this beverage is too sweet for me compares to the Asian aloe drinks and I really don’t like the mix of fruit and vegetables aroma coming out of the drink either. However, the benefit that you get from drinking this juice drink is lot more than you can get from other similar drinks. For those who love juice drinks, it is worth it to give it a try.



Price: $1.99

Size: 16.9 FL OZ 500mL

Flavor: Fruit and Vegetables

Aroma: Sweet Fruity

Nutritions: Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron

Where to buy: Organic store

Website:, Twitter, Facebook


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