All Natural Unsweetened Ito En Oolong Shot Tea


I found this Oolong tea in Whole Foods Market and if you translate each Chinese character on the bottle, it means “Black Dragon Tea.” this is a functional drink that is made by the Japanese beverage company called Ito En. This Oolong tea usually called blue tea and it offers wide range of tea polyphenols and antioxidants to help maintain your body in a healthy way. They only used three ingredients to make this tea: Purified water, Oolong tea and Ascorbic Acid. Since it’s quite expensive to buy Oolong tea leaves in a package, I guess drinking this beverage makes up your thirst for Oolong tea.

Upon lifting the cap on the canned bottle, there’s a strong refreshing Oolong tea aroma coming out and it reminds me of teas that they serve in Chinese restaurants when you go there for meal. The color of this Oolong tea looks similar to those tea beverages that are out there on the market today, but the texture is totally different because it’s clean and fresh. Also, it’s lot different than the tea served Chinese restaurants because it usually comes with small pieces of leaves and it’s cloudier. The first couple sips were kind of bland taste. There’s no flavor what so ever and I thought I was drinking tap water. As you drink more, the bitterness in this Oolong tea starts to grow in your mouth and the tea flavor as well. The more you sip, the more bitterness you will get and the scent of this Oolong shot is what makes you want to keep on drinking it, at least for me personally.  Comparing to the tea served in restaurants, this is way heavier in terms of the scent and the taste because they tend to add water over period of time to the same serving tea pot which makes a lot less tasty and more like watery tea. By the way, there’s no aftertaste in your mouth after finishing this Oolong tea.

For those who are concerned about health benefits from drinking this tea, the Oolong Shot tea contains zero calories, unsweetened and all natural flavors. It also contains 171mg of Polyphenols and antioxidants that can help to maintain your heart or body in healthy condition. I think it’s best if you can brew your own Oolong tea. If you want more information on Oolong tea, you can find it here.

I have tried many tea beverages before and this Oolong tea has to be one of purest tea taste I have ever tried. The price for this small package beverage is a bit expensive, especially for tea beverages. The first time I look at the bottle, I thought it was an energy drink or suppose to be an energy drink because of the name “shot” but after drinking it, I do not feel anything or even hours later.


Price:  $1.49

Size:  6.4 Fl OZ / 190ml

Flavor:  Tea

Aroma:  Refreshing Tea

Calories:  0

Where to buy:  Store

Website:   Oolong Shot Twitter


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