All Natural Sparkling Citricity And Mixed Berry Energy Drink From THINQ


Happy 4th of July America! I received two flavors of energy drinks from THINQ the other day. One of them is called Sparkling Mixed Berry and the other one is Sparkling Citricity. My first reaction when I saw the bottles was “wow, awesome design,” then I thought I could use these bottles to decorate my room by putting some flowers in it after fishing drinking it. Anyway, THINQ is all natural flavor carbonated energy drink that is designed to enhance your body, mind and energy. “It is a new realm of function beverage. It is too good to ignore.”

Sparkling Mixed Berry

You get to smell the mixed berry aroma just by breaking the cap without even taking the bottle cap off and it’s very difficult for you to miss the heavy scent. The carbonation in the drink is less than those in American soda drinks. As result, not only makes it sparking, but also fun to drink. For the first couple taste, you couldn’t really taste anything but watery flavor, but as you drink more, you sense the light mixed berry flavor starts to grow on you and it’s not even overly sweetened or sour after you chuck down half bottle of THINQ. However, the flavor of this drink did not match up with the strength of the aroma due to the mix of stevia and crystalline fructose ingredients. Nevertheless, it is very pleasant to drink and also quite refreshing, especially with a nicely chilled bottle. There’s no aftertaste at all.

Sparkling Citricity

Upon busting the cap off the beautifully designed aluminum bottle, there’s a strong orange scent coming out and it smells just like those orange flavored beverages that you drink daily. For the first few sips, it sort of tastes like orange soda, but the orange flavor is not strong at all comparing to the scent due to the mix of stevia and crystalline fructose ingredients probably. However, it’s very easy to drink, refreshing and tasty. I’m thinking adding ice cream to the Citricity next time and see how it will taste like. This carbonated energy drink reminds me of orange flavored popsicles that I had when I was little. Also, I tried the drink after carbonation has gone and you can actually taste a bit of sourness in this beverage and it’s even better in terms of the taste. As for the aftertaste, it’s same as mixed berry flavor.

As for nutrition,  according to THINQ, it is not recommended for children, pregnant women or nursing women. The ingredients for both flavors are the same as you can see from the picture. It seems the formula to give consumer’s a whole new body, mind and energy experience is by blending CoQio, Ginkgo Biloba, Gaba, Same, Acai, Alpha Gpc, Vinpocetine and Suma. Since THINQ is all natural, the amount of caffeine is depend on the amount of guarana. Other supplements that contributed to their “All natural” are the vitamins D, B3, B6, B12 … etc.  Each flavor only contains 60 calories and it’s considering low for most energy drinks that are out there on the market today.

After drinking each flavor, the caffeine started to kick in ten minutes later and it did not last the whole day. Each bottle probably lasted for about couple hours long. So, if you are looking for an energy drink that will give you all day or all night boosts, this is not probably the choice unless you want to chuck it down few of them. However, it is a unique energy drink that gives you refreshing tastes and provides you with ingredients that will add goods to your healthy body.  I dig THINQ!

Other Information

Price:  Review

Size:  12 Fl OZ /355ml

Flavor:  Mixed Berry, Citricity

Aroma:  Mixed Berry, Orange

Nutrition:  See above picture

Calories:  60

Where:  Store
Website: THINQ Twitter Facebook

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