All Natural Snapple Lady LiberTEA Drink


For a limited time only! I found this drink in a local supermarket while looking for other drinks. According to the Snapple website, it’s available in stores between May 1st through July 4th 2015. The drink is made of a blend of black tea with red raspberry, white peach and blueberry flavors.

Snapple Lady LiberTEAUpon opening the bottle, there’s a strong peach aroma coming out from the bottle with slight hint of berry scent but not so much of tea smell. Like any other Snapple drinks that you’ve had in the past, this Lady LiberTEA looked the same as others in terms of the texture and the color of the drink. As for the taste, first sip tasted lightly sweetened with fruity flavors and it only shows up after you had swallow down the sip. After couple more sips, you couldn’t really tell if this is a tea drink because the fruity flavor sort of dominates it and you could sense the peach flavor after you had chugged down half of the bottle. This flavor reminds me of the lightly sweetened Peach Iced Green Tea from Steaz. Overall, it wasn’t bad at all because there’s no strong aftertaste and it was smooth and pleasant to drink.

Snapple Lady LiberTEAThe ingredients for this Lady LiberTEA includes: Filtered Water, Sugar, Tea, Citric Acid and natural flavors.

Snapple Lazy Libertea Facts


Price: $.75

Size: 16 Fl OZ – 473ml

Calories: 120 Calories

Where to buy: Target

Website: Snapple Facebook Twitter


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