All Natural Electrolyte Sport OWATER Lime Lemon Drink


I found this Sport OWATER beverage in a local pharmacy store while looking for other beverages after a desperately needed exercise that will help me to keep myself healthy and focused in my daily life. This healthy beverage OWATER is a real fruit flavored electrolyte sports drink. It provides everything you want from a sports drink and provide nothing that you don’t need. It uses less sweetened pure cane sugar compares to other sports drink and offers complete hydration with replenishing electrolytes. Also, it helps you to recover from your post-exercise.

The aroma of this beverage smells the exact same as the lime flavored sprite when you bust the bottle cap for the first time, the taste is totally different between the two. Also, If you shake the drink well, you will see bubbles in the bottle, just like the ones in the soda, but a lot less. Now, the taste is really good. It’s not too sweet or overly sour. The balance of sweetness and the sourness mixed very well and as of result, it tastes very natural. I really don’t like other sweetened lime flavor water on the market where water dominates the flavor and makes very unpleasant to drink. There isn’t an aftertaste that you’d normally find in a drink.

Since this is a sports drink, the health benefits only applies to those who are athletes, fitness geeks or those who exercises very often. According to OWATER, it is an all-natural electrolyte drink with real fruit flavor and free of artificial sweeteners. It does not contain gluten, juice and phony colors. Also, it uses pure cane sugar and it has 35% less sugar than typical sports drinks.  Everywhere athletes are discovering OWATER that has only 35 % daily calories and making it their new sports drink.

I like this drink and I will try out their new zero calories, no sweetened and no sugar OWATER once I find them. I usually don’t drink a lot of lemon or lime flavored drinks because on the past experiences, but this flavor is not like the other ones that I have tried and it has totally changed my view on lime or lemonade drinks. Also, not so much about the design of the bottle, but the name is very attractive and appealing.


Price: $1.50

Size:  20 FL OZ 591mL

Flavor:  Lime Lemon

Smell:  Lime Lemon

Nutrition:  Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Potassium and Zinc

Where:  Duane Reade, Associated, C-Town, US Food Market, and your local supermarket
Website: OWATER, Twitter, Facebook


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    What exactly makes this different/better than Gatorade?
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    Pure, fresh and tasty!


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