Alexander’s Real Peach Tea


All Natural Peach Tea! The story behind the Real Tea, “Mom taught me well, “Alexander remember” she said, “Nothing tasted better than the real thing.” My Real Tea is made from fresh brewed tea leaves and nothing but the finest ingredients. Go ahead, take a sip and you’ll agree. The flavor of nature’s purity is a delight to the tasted buds. You’ll know it’s all natural, you’ll know “IT’S JUST BETTER” and I guarantee it. After my name’s on the bottle”

Alexander’s Real Peach Tea

There’s a lightly peach tea aroma coming out from the bottle when you popped for the first time. It would be difficult to get the exact scent from the bottle if you didn’t sniff it around the opening for couple seconds. The color of the Real Peach Tea seemed close to dark brown color and the texture was the same as other regular tea drinks. The very first sip tasted sweet and there wasn’t any sign of tea flavors in the sip. After couple more sips, the tea flavor started to show up and the taste was smooth, natural and pleasant. The sweet taste won’t overly sweeten and the duration of the sweet taste won’t last long in your mouth either. However, the peach flavor wasn’t so obvious in the beginning, but after you had couple sips, you could sense the very light peach flavor in the taste. There’s no aftertaste for this Real Peach Tea.

Alexander’s Real Peach Tea

The ingredients for this Alexander’s Real Peach Tea include: Premium brewed tea using filtered water, Real Cane Sugar, Citric Acid and natural flavors. It contains 220 calories, 24g of sugar, and 10mg of sodium.

Alexander’s Real Peach Tea

Overall, the taste was great and I can’t wait to try their other flavors. Also, it would have been better if the peach flavor was a bit stronger and I know it’s a tea drink, but just wanted to be more enjoyable in terms of the flavor.


Price:  $1.25

Size:   16 FL OZ / 480 ML

Aroma:  Tea

Taste:  Peach

Calories:  220

Where to buy:  Local supermarket


  • Sandra

    Looking for store in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area that sell Alexander’s Real Peach Tea


  • jacqueline tarver

    I would like to order a case of tea will that be possible


  • Sherriece Jones

    Hello !
    Your raspberry and peach tea is the most delicious tea I’ve ever tasted! I wish you guys would sell it by the cases.

    Thank you!!


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