Admiral Iced Tea Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey


Anyone heard of Admiral Iced Tea before? Well, I did some research on-line and I found out that Admiral Iced Tea is a premium read-to-drink iced tea. Also, it was made from tea leaves sourced in India, England and Pacific Rim. Currently, they have five flavors:  Mango, Green Tea, Sweet Tea, Lemon Tea and Raspberry. On the iced tea can has the website address, but the site is currently down. However, this Admiral Iced Tea product line was introduced by Hansen Natural Corporation. I found this iced tea green tea in a local grocery store while I was looking for a copy machine.

Admiral Iced Tea

The feeling that you get from looking at the design style present it on the can for Admiral iced tea was similar to Arizona beverages even though it says far eat style on the Admiral can. At first when I look at it, I thought it was one of the Arizona’s new drink flavors. Upon opening this can, there’s a lightly sweetened tea aroma coming out from the can and it was refreshing too. However, it was really difficult to detect any ginseng scent from this iced tea drink. The color and texture were both similar to all the popular iced tea drinks. The surface was clean and smooth, just like other iced tea drinks. The first couple sips tasted lightly sweet with subtle green tea flavor and it was very pleasant to drink as well. Also, you could taste the ginseng flavor in the iced tea after couple more sips, but the flavor wasn’t that obvious to recognize. The sweet taste was very light, but it tasted pretty good even though the sweetener was High Fructose Corn Syrup. I guess the honey made the drink tasted well. As you drink more, you could tell the balance between green tea, honey and ginseng were all mixed pretty good because the result taste was awesome. Compare to other brands like AriZona, Lipton, or Steaz, I think this Admiral Iced Tea should be consider as a competitor because it’s just that good. As for the aftertaste, I did not detect any.

Admiral Iced Tea Green Tea

The ingredients for this Admiral Iced Tea Green Tea with Ginseng and honey includes: Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Green Tea Extract, Citric Acid, Caramel Color, Black Tea Extract, Natural Flavors, Sucralose, and Ginseng Extract. It contains 35 calories, 9g of sugar, zero sodium and zero total fat. All natural flavors, no preservative and no artificial colors.

Admiral Ice Tea

Overall, I love the taste of this iced tea green tea with ginseng and honey. It’s a good alternative or even to replace other iced tea green tea drinks. It would be even better for the taste if they take out the HFCS and just use honey as a sweetener. I’m hunting for more Admiral Iced Teas!


Price:  $1.50 each

Size:  23 FL OZ / 680 ml

Aroma: lightly sweetened tea

Flavor:  Green Tea

Calorie:  105

Where to buy:   Local Grocery store

Website:   Admiral


  • steve

    35 calories per serving with one can equal to 3 servings is actually 105 calories per can……. not 35……..



    Thanks for pointing it out and I did the update in the above.


  • Marcy Blake

    I was in a small corner gas station a thought I would grab a monster java. I saw these, the green tea and raspberry, and thought it would be a nice change. I don’t drink green tea, in fact I can’t really stand the taste of it. I figured I would buy both so if I didn’t like the green tea I figured I would love the raspberry which is one of my favorite flavors. They were only 85cents so you couldn’t pass that up! I tried the green tea first and was blown away. It is one of the best tasting teas I’ve ever had! Really refreshing and no raisin flavored after taste (how I describe all green teas). After I finished the green tea I was stoked to try the raspberry. It wasn’t what I expected. Yes it was good but tasted like all the other brands out there. For the price its definitely a steal but I will be stocking up on the green tea!!



    Those are hard to find around where I live.


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