Adina Holistics Herbal Elixir Blackberry Hibiscus with Rooibos


After trying out few samples of Adina Holistics beverages at Whole Foods Market, I thought that taste was pretty tasty and I should give it a try since it’s organic. So I bought a bottle of Blackberry Hibiscus with Rooibos flavored Holistics. This organic juice tea beverage “offers a mix of adaptogenic herbs rather than sugar-laden fillers and utilizes actual herbal content, rather than manufactured vitamins and chemicals. These easily assimilated herbs fortify the immune system and vital organs against the debilitating effects of stress.”

There’s a strong berry aroma coming out from the glass bottle after you removed the cap and the scent also comes with a little bit of sweetness. The color for this organic beverage is sort of like raw cherries that you see in the supermarket and the beverage texture is very smooth, clear and thin. The first couple sips were very refreshing and you could actually sense the existence of berry flavor right away where other beverages you had to chuck down half bottle before you could tell if the flavors were in the drink. As you drink more, the taste still stays the same and it gives you a feeling like you tasted it for the first time. As for the sweetness in this organic beverage, it did not get overly sweeten and it was quite well balanced with berry flavor because you could taste both flavors in one sip. Neither of the flavors dominates the other in this beverage. As you know, the sweet taste tends to add up over period of time, but not in this case. I guess the organic sugar created this effect. Even though the flavor taste was very complex because of the berry flavor, grape flavor, sweet and sour taste, but it was very refreshing, light and delicious. There’s no aftertaste in this beverage.

The Holistics blackberry hibiscus contains 110 calories per bottle. There are a lot of organic herbal blends:  Ginseng root extract, hibiscus extract, Gotu kola extract, White tea, Rooibos leaf extract, Tulsi leaf extract … etc. Other ingredients includes: Organic sugar, Grape juice, Blackberry flavors, Citric Acid. The benefits you get from this beverage are “restore balance, harmony, and wellness.”

I did not expect any great taste or flavor from this beverage because base on the whole looks of this beverage, it just too colorful to expect a great taste. However, I was wrong and this blackberry hibiscus with Rooibos tastes delicious. Wish I bought another bottle of Holistics blackberry hibiscus. What would be another great flavor to try from Holistics?


Price:  $1.99

Size:  14 Fl OZ / 413ml

Flavor:  Berry

Aroma:  Berry

Calories:  110

Where to buy:  Adina World

Website:  Adina Twitter Facebook Youtube


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