8 Useful iPhone /iPod Touch Cocktail Apps For Free


Cocktail recipes at your finger tips! With the availability of many varieties of cocktail apps in the iTunes, bartenders are no longer need books to guide them on how to make new drinks because the iPhone /iPod Touch cocktail apps made it very handy for them to use. Not only it’s useful for bartenders, but also for ordinary people that do not know anything about making drinks can be easily used to make whatever they want to drink. For example, you can use cocktail apps if you are hosting a party, inviting friends for casual drinking, or you want to try something new for yourself. Below is a list of free cocktails apps that can be very useful for you to use.

Grand Marnier/Navan Cocktails

Over 400 Grand Marnier & Navan cocktails created by 100 of the best bartenders and mixologists in the United States. Mixology consultants for the 2009 Grand Marnier & Navan Mixology hosted in Vail, Colorado each developed four custom Grand Marnier and Navan cocktails that are featured on this Application, along side an assortment of classic Grand Marnier and Navan recipes. Recipes are categorized by base spirit, drink type, flavor, cocktail creator and other characteristics, and can be filtered by name and ingredient through search.

Cocktails Free

More than 2000 cocktail-recipes on your iPhone/iPod Touch! The database is growing constantly from our partner cocktaildreams.de Every cocktail has a detailed description and an ingredients list. most cocktails have a picture included. Features: Search cocktails, Find cocktails by emotion, Find cocktails by taste, Save cocktails, View the Top10, View the Newest. Note:The cocktail-database is from a german database. The descriptions are translated in realtime.

Drinks and Cocktails

Browse the list to discover new drinks, or search for a specific one. Quickly add and remove cocktails to favorites to easily find that drink you liked the next time.Working with a limited bar? Enter what you have on hand and it will remember and suggest only what you can actually make. Instead of 1,000’s of recipes you’ve never heard of, Drinks and Cocktails hand-picks edited cocktails to include only the most valuable drinks and keeps instructions simple and concise, avoiding bar tender jargon and confusing units.

Cocktails & Dreams 6100+ Free recipes

Cocktails & Dreams comes with over 6100 cocktail recipes making sure it will satisfy every taste.
Always wondered what’s in that drink, now you can simply look it up and get it answered. Our app does not need a internet connection making it always available when you need it. Features: Search cocktails, Find cocktails by drink glass, Save cocktails to your favorites, View the whole cocktail-database, Doesn’t require a network connection, Simple, easy to use interface, Free future upgrades with more drinks and more features

iShot Machine

Ready for some FUN! This is not your typical boring cocktail recipe guide, this app is actually fun. Turns your iPhone into a slot machine game filled with 3,000 quality cocktail shot and shooter recipes. Find a winning shot every time, whether your at the bar, nightclub or a party. Plus it’s a social app, start a conversation or use it as your next pick-up line. Now you can even share recipes on Facebook and Twitter!
Features: Shake for liquor shot, Search drinks by ingredient, Send it & Share drink recipes, Take photos, and Rate liquor shots.
If your a fan of other cocktail apps and cocktail recipe apps like, 5800+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes, Mixologist, Mixology, Drinkspiration® by Absolut, iBartender, Drink & Cocktail Pro, Shooters, Dream Cocktail, iVideo Cocktails, Shots!, Cocktails Made Easy, Nirvino, Pocket Cocktails and Drinking Games you will definitely be a fan of iShot Machine drink recipe app.

Red Bull Hangar-7 Cocktails

Each country has its number 1 – Cuba has the Mojito and Mexico the Margarita. And which cocktail is your number 1? Hangar-7 is the home of unique cocktails and recipes from countries all over the world. The huge selection ranges from old time classics like the Mai Thai to the very latest creations, for example the Sky Mai Thai, which contains a splash of Red Bull. For the first time, the Hangar-7 bartenders will allow peeks over their shoulders and share some of their tricks and secret ingredients. The cocktail puzzle is guaranteed to put you in a fruity mood – once solved, you will soon be mixing your own cocktails. And to make sure that our budding bartenders will not get out of practice, we will provide them with a steady supply of new recipes. Website

Inthespirit Easy Cocktails

– Expert mixologist tried and tested, quality controlled cocktail recipes.
– All recipes accompanied by full colour photography.
– Over 400 easy to follow recipes, added to regularly.
– Create your own personal, orderable and editable favourite cocktail list.
– Easily browse through the recipes on the alphabetical index list.
– Search by drink name or ingredients.
– Each recipe shows ingredients, method, notes, type, glass style and difficulty rating.
– Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch for a random cocktail recipe.
– Fully comprehensive search section, to sort by difficulty, glass or type.
– Link to a selection of online inthespirit cocktail recipe videos.
– Cheat’s corner section link for bartender tips and hints.
– inthespirit website competition entry link.
– Online shop link to easily buy your specialist, quality cocktail spirits and liqueurs.
– Send recipes to your friends.
– Alcoholic units calculation for every cocktail recipe.
– Operates without internet connection, all recipes stored locally in the app.

Interactive Cocktail Entertainment

Do you want to learn how to prepare the best and most famous cocktails like a professional? With ICE, you’ll not only have an extraordinary interactive guide, but also an entertaining and original game where you can have fun with your friends and become a true barman.

You will find three different game modes:

– A practice mode where you can prepare your preferred cocktail
– An amateur mode where you won’t have any help while preparing the cocktails
– The “authentic barman” mode. You alone, behind the bar, your customers anxiously waiting to try your famous cocktails. Be fast and accurate to get high scores and avoid losing them or they’ll leave and you’ll have to close your doors.

Available in English / Spanish

All these apps has its own usefulness for people to use. If you know other free cocktail apps, please share it with others.


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