7-Eleven 7-Select Lemonade Drinks


Lemonade Drinks! Now days, even retail stores and convenient stores are coming out their own beverages, snacks and food. I went to a 7-Eleven store the other day and got myself two of their 7-Select beverage drinks. According to their site for the 7-Select product line, “ We want you to like us. A lot. So in the process of severely sucking up, we developed a product line that includes all your favorites. All high quality. All at a great price. Who needs national brands when you can be BFFs with 7-Select and have money left over to take us to dinner? Please?”

7-Eleven 7-Select Lemonade Drinks
7-Eleven 7- Select Raspberry Lemonade

Upon busting the cap, there’s a refreshing raspberry aroma coming out from the bottle with subtle lemonade scents. However, if you sniff it around for couple more seconds, the lemonade becomes more appealing. The color of this raspberry lemonade looked close to pink and the texture was similar to all other flavored or fruity lemonade drinks. As for the taste, the first sip tasted mainly lemonade with subtle raspberry flavor and it was sour as well. After couple more sips, you could sense the well balanced taste between sweet and sour. When your mouth processes the sip, greeted by the raspberry flavor first and it wasn’t appealing either, then the lemonade flavor kind took over the overall flavor and ends with tart taste after you swallow the sip down. The drink itself was easy, smooth and pleasant to drink. After sipping half bottle of the drink, you could taste the raspberry flavor in more depth. There’s no aftertaste for this 7 select raspberry lemonade drink.

7 Eleven 7 Select Raspberry Lemonade
7- Eleven 7- Select Classic Lemonade

The aroma coming out from the bottle was refreshing when you pop it open for the first time and it smelled just like your home made lemonade drinks. The color and texture were both similar to your ordinary lemonade drinks. As for the taste, the tart taste was strong in the beginning, but it gets better after couple more sips. The lemonade flavor was similar to those lemonade stands that you see on the streets with the exception of a bit sweeter. The sweet taste wasn’t overly sweetened and it wasn’t equal to the lemonade taste either. It’s kind of in a supporting role to the lemonade flavor and makes the overall taste even better. Again, just like the above flavor, the drink itself was smooth and pleasant to drink.  There’s no aftertaste for this Classic Lemonade as well.

7 Eleven 7 Select Classic Lemonade

The ingredients for this 7-Eleven 7-Select Raspberry Lemonade include: Water, Sugar, lemon juice concentrate, Raspberry Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Concentrates (for color). It contains 17% juice, 275 calories, 35mg of sodium and 28g of sugar.
The ingredients for this 7-Eleven 7-Select Classic Lemonade include: Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, and Natural Flavor. It contains 15% of juice, 275 calories, 35mg of sodium and 27g of sugar.

7-Eleven 7-Select Lemonade Drinks

Overall, both lemonade drinks taste good and personally I like the raspberry lemonade because it tasted fruity lemonade. If you like lemonade drinks, you can try it out yourself and you can find them in 7-Eleven stores.


Price:  $1.79 Each

Size:   20 FL OZ / 591 ML

Aroma:  Raspberry / Lemonade

Taste:  Raspberry / Lemonade

Calories:  275

Where to buy:  7-Eleven Store

Website:  7-Eleven  Facebook  Twitter

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