2014 Scary Halloween Themed Soda Drink Cans


It’s October already and you know Halloween is just around the corner. This year’s Halloween themed soda cans from Dr Pepper Snapple Group looked different again and personally I think the design or the creatures on the cans are a bit scarier than the previous years. I went to Target the other day and found these cans sitting on the shelves of the grocery section in the store. This year every can features two designs that are actually connected to each other. One design shows the foreground with big brand name and background with the creature’s middle body. The background image looked like Godzilla’s body. As for the other design, it shows the creature’s head with beverage brand name on top. The head image covers 90 percent of the space on the can in one particular view. To me the scariest looking creature out of those four would be the Sunkist one eyed monster. It just freaks me out. You can check out the previous years of the design here and here.

Halloween Themese Soda Cans

Halloween Themed Soda Cans

Halloween Themed Soda Cans

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