2011 Superbowl XLV Beverage Commercials


What a game! It was a great game last night between the Pittsburgh Steerlers and Greenbay Packers for this year’s Superbowl XLV. Both teams played very well and had few miscues, but the Packers capitalized on Steelers turnovers and you can not win games when you turn over the ball that many times in the biggest game of your life as a professional football player. I guess the Packers wanted to win this game more than the Steelers. Anyway, besides the excitement of watching the game itself, eating high calories food and cheering your team to win, there was the other x factor that contributed watching the Superbowl XLV more fun and that’s the commercials they were airing during the breaks. Since this is a beverage related website, I will try to stick to the topic. Although there were quite few funny non beverage related commercials.
Super Bowl XLV

Coca Cola:  Border

Coca Cola: Siege

Pepsi: Love Hurts

Pepsi: Torpedo Cooler

Lipton Brisk: Eminem

Personally, I like the Coca Cola Border, Pepsi Love Hurts and Lipton Brisk Eminem. In the beginning, I thought the Coca Cola Siege was some sort of MMORPG game because of the style and characters. The graphics and animations were great, but wasn’t that funny compares to the Coca Cola Border. The Pepsi Torpedo Cooler and First date were not as funny as the Lover Hurts as well. A part from the beverage commercials, I like the Beaver where he/she preventing the car from crossing the bridge: “I got you.” So, what is your favorite 2011 Superbowl XLV commercial?

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