2011 Halloween Soda Drink Cans


The weather is getting colder, leaves are changing colors and Halloween is almost here. People of all ages will be celebrating Halloween with their fancy costumes, strange face make ups and spooky decorations in front of their houses, on the windows or on the doors. As for retail stores, you could see almost every one of them dedicated an isle just for Halloween and it contains all sort of items or products that are related to Halloween theme.  Since Halloween is a big holiday in a way and everyone wants to be part of it. It’s same for the companies that make beverages as well.

2011 Halloween Soda Drink Cans

Last year Dr Pepper Snapple Group made their Soda cans with scary facial expressions based on Halloween related theme and part of the facial expression changes color after being chilled in the fridge for about an hour. You can see it here. As for this year, the designs on the cans are monsters and the whole set comes with 5 or 6 brands. I’m still missing the Sun Drop Wolf and the Big Red Squid. As for the Fanta Orange Soda, the design on the cans feature Witch and Vampire. It seems they are rocking it with Fanta!

2011 Halloween 7Up Soda Drink

2011 Halloween A&W Root Beer

2011 Halloween Canada Dry Ginger Ale

2011 Halloween Sunkist Soda

2011 Halloween Soda Drink

2011 Halloween Fanta Orange Soda

I will add more to this post if I find more Halloween theme Soda cans. By the way, the taste was weird after you pour all those five drinks into one.

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